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Let’s Go For A Hike


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hey…,.,.,., can i  get 10 followers pls….


+Twenty one Pilots - Vessel (what I could fit of the whole album)

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"I do some weird stuff when I’m alone, you know, I wouldn’t tell you half of it. But, I would go out into the woods by myself and just like, look for something. I don’t know if I was waiting for someone to talk to me, or for an idea to come to my head or to see something, you know that was either scary or amazing, or what… I felt like if I was alone, and I just like yelled out, like you know, prove something to me that I’m not nuts - it would help." 

- Tyler Joseph

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i love that he’s this tattooed punk yet he still can’t forget his catholic school roots

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Im so embarrassed that I even took this

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twenty one pilots-house of gold

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Fall Out Boy live in London (x)

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Cause I am quiet now, and silence gives you space.

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